Information Construction

Information construction leads the college modernization construction.

At present the dual links of 10 gigabits backbone, the network deployment which accesses to gigabits desktop, 1100M public network access through China Unicom, 10M educational network access and the domain name are all implemented.

The area of data center is 140 square meters which includes infrastructure (such as room dust prevention, moisture proof, anti-static, electromagnetic shielding, etc.), power distribution system (which has a 200KVA power access and two 60KVA uninterruptible power supply), precise air conditioning system (which is used to regulate room temperature, humidity and air volume), the safety system (which includes anti-theft, access control, lightning protection grounding, fire fighting, etc.), environmental monitoring system (which monitors the room temperature, humidity, UPS, power distribution, fresh air ventilation) and integrated wiring system. The data center room has 64 high-performance servers, of which 15 are for the cloud computing platform, 5 for the digital campus platform, 8 for the campus one- card system, 8 for the dedicated teaching server, 14 for departments of business applications server. It also has a 24T FC-SAN structured data storage devices and 14 video surveillance storage arrays.

The campus one-card system includes integrated consumption, Unionpay vs. card deposit transfer, identification, intelligent electronic control, intelligent water control and other systems. The consumption system covers cafeterias, supermarket, bathrooms, commercial outlets which have a total of 72 sets of POS machines and 22 Ethernet POS machines. The consumption of daily bills can be daily settled. The teachers and students can query the consumption records in various ways. Unionpay vs. card deposit transfer system achieves the self-service business with China Construction Bank. The identification card system implements the library access and borrowing books through identification card. The intelligent electric control system implements the 976 dormitories' vicious load identification, remote meter reading, self-help payment etc. The intelligent water control system implements 63 self-help card water control points in the dormitories, 2 self-help bath card points in the bathrooms and 10 self-service laundry card points.

The digital broadcasting system has 63 partitions according to the campus building distribution. Each individual partition is equipped with a power amplifier and a different program source. It implements the school's daily background music playing, classroom ringtones, campus radio etc., it also has an emergency fire broadcasting function for emergency evacuation signal playback and emergency voice broadcasting.

The digital monitoring system is an IP-based video surveillance system. It monitors the school gates, the campus fence, the main intersections, public places, student apartment area, and key locations such as accounting room, test library, etc. It has the functions of real-time monitoring, video networking, alarm linkage and other functions and formats the entire campus covering video surveillance network.

Through the approaches of independent development or outsourcing, the digital campus platform which has its distinctive features, leading concept and perfect functions is built first in Liaoning province. It includes an integrated identity platform, integrated portal platform, integrated database platform and many information management systems. The information management systems include educational management system, student management system, human resource management system, scientific research management system, financial management system, asset management system, office automation system, mail system, anti-spam gateway system and website group management system. The teaching information systems include the network integrated teaching platform, the fine course construction and the appraisal platform and the teaching resource library platform. At present, the application systems have been deployed and used.